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I'm passionate about creating useful, impactful and effective designs. I enjoy using my skills, built over 8 years of professional experience, to help people solve their problems and accomplish their goals. In other words, I love using pixels in order to combine beauty and functionality to craft stories and experiences that make life easier.

Designing Process .

I have not just specialized in creating functional, clear and elegant Web/Mobile applications but visual designs too. I take my designs too seriously and love helping startups being successful.

  • Why would a user choose this product?
  • How often will a user realistically use this product?
  • What other solutions to this pain point has the user tried?
  • Where do users generally shop for similar products?
  • What changes would make an existing product better serve the user?

When your product has been bought, used and reviewed, you can begin to gain insight into how your product accomplished solving the originally stated problem. Feedback about the user experience is extremely important to consider when developing the next version of your product. It will tell you what needs to be adjusted, why the adjustments are necessary and how an updated version will better serve the needs of the end-user. Listening to your users will ensure that future iterations of your product will fare well against the competition going forward.

This phase requires considering all the feedback you gathered from the prototype testing to begin building the ‘final’ product (there will be instances of going back to reiterate as the process moves along). When your finished product is ready to be released to the public, it’s time to prepare for the next step, which is product analysis.

Define the problem
Conduct research

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” –Ralf Speth

Design Process !

The design process involves following six stages.


Understand requirements create user personas define use cases.


Analyze competitors research latest UX trends keep an eyes on guidelines


Gather ideas Draw sketches and wireframes evaluate and re-draw


Design images create prototypes, define UX guidelines.


implement functionality
build experience.


Perform usability testing create audit reports identity improvements.