Checklist Mobile App

People between the ages of 18 to 35 often find it difficult to stay on top of their many tasks by either losing sight of their goals or simply getting bored with the process. I set out understand these users and design a solution that would give them an easier and more engaging way to organize their life and pursue their goals.

Project Details

Concept Project:
Checklist app

App /Web DESIGN Case Study



implement the solution successfully I made sure to test the prototype with users. with their valuable feedback I designed the deliverables by creating the visual design and high fidelity user interface.

Main Tasks

User interview, Personas
User flows, wireframes
Prototyping, User testing
User interface Design, Illustration

Product Design

I completed the user experience design and the user interface for the project, within a short timeframe, I conducted the design process through research and ideation in order to create a final product for users.