Chill Switch

Design the branding guide line, Website and packaging for chillSwitch which is mostly focus on 100% ingredients resources products. This pill helping you to balance out the stress in their lives in order to live in the peak performance state known as neural harmony, where anyone can become more productive and more things done in less time.

Project Details


Branding /Web DESIGN


Stress Relief Pill


Design an eye catching landing page for the main target audience of different group of people such as : students, entrepreneurs, professionals and parents.

Idea & Concept

To deliver the idea of the products to the right targets and main focus is to help the users to purchase the products with less amount of the click. ( only 3 clicks )

Product Design

We also provide tangible results measurablei long-term value business. Lorem ipsum ands dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elited. and this is awesome service things..