Orbiiit is a well recognized platform ( app ) and a community to solve challenges faced by artists and businesses, where new talents can be discovered and prizes can be won through voting in online talent contests. Orbiiit is an online community for creative individuals, talents, artists, fans and brands in music, fashion, art, dance and entertainment industries.

Project Details

Orbiiit Inc



Project Overview

Orbiiit charts a world directory based on fans’ engagement level on major social networks.It also provide job and collaboration listings.Orbiiit business solution and talent contest marketing:

Orbiiit talent contest system is an online competition style marketing tool helping brands to be able to work and collaborate with a large number of talents and influencers around the world while offering them a new revenue stream to help them minimize their marketing and advertising cost.

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• There is a large number of brands, artists and talents worldwide, and these numbers are growing at a rate which makes it difficult to get recognized in today’s social media platforms. • Accounts can only be found by searching keywords and hashtags, and finding the right accounts can be difficult and time consuming.
• On the current website, there is a lack of information and icons that explain the platform and how they can access it. • Although the information can be found by scrolling down or reading the About Us page, this information must be made more engaging and direct.
• On the sign up page, the webpage looks mobile friendly but does not display well on a desktop.
• During the sign up process, there is an issue with category selection: currently a user can only select one category and cannot choose multiple categories that may apply to them. And Infographic video on Orbiiit for users & fans

Product Design

-Import all members along with all their profile data into the database -Target members by group, industry, location, or any custom field. -Perform mass updates to the member database base without fear of losing any date and keeping a peace of mind -Find opportunities or request for help,Activate the job board to help members to share and solicit job/internship opportunities from other members. -Whether they are looking for investors, co-founders, employees, or customers, members can leverage their community network to publicize their projects and organizations.​

Idea & Concept​

1- Choose the source * Select from any major social network. 2- Pick a category and sub categories ( Users also should be able to choose different categories in different fields I.e Sports and Tech 3- Choose from any location - User will be able to see the top trending brands or artist posts from different social media platform in one place, while having access to their information, portfolio or online store. “The current experience on the curation pages is non-intuitive, it has a lot of information and creates friction in achieving the user’s goal. Which is to find the right content from authentic sources and move on the next step. Our goal is to find usability issues with the current version and then to give intuitive UX solutions”