Real Estate UI Design

Design a Simple and user-friendly Landing page for real estate with hints for easier use. for buying and search and the best offer in your area.

Project Details

Concept Real Estate Project

Web / App DESIGN


A better looking approach

To build a platform that covers everything that real estate agents would need for their daily routine.Command’s goal is to collect everything an agent would need in one place- from tools managing the property selling process to tracking their performance, they can easily scan for areas of improvement thank to data analysis.


The biggest challenge was to create an efficient platform that would fulfill all requirements of the real estate team. the design process was based on collaboration where each stakeholder was equally important and we needed to be ready for dynamic changes. this project was closely to what realtor associates need in an end-to-end platform and strives to make that dream to reality.

Idea & Concept

UI meet several requirements staring with companies, agents feedback, and accessibility standards, UI pattern had to be universal for various experiences and features across the platform.

Product Design

Design experience for highly specialized real estate was a unique challenge, we had to take care of very complex flow. Almost every action had an impact on the whole platform. A product of this size requires many stakeholders and production lines. I took care of proper handovers and collaborated with dev teams so this design is useful and easy to implement