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Up Guys ( Men's Products )

The downsides of life happen to everyone, whether it’s less hair than you used to have or more inconsistent erections than you used to get. So we made a curated selection of items to help you out, as seamlessly as possible. A few clicks and you’re back in the game.

Some slack in performance? You can fix it. Effective medications prescribed by licensed health practitioners are just a few clicks away. Best of all, they come in discreet packaging — so no one has to know.


Find out the best possible on-boarding solution for the user to get in touch with the right doctors to explain their problems and get their medication on the best possible way

Idea & Concept

Medications and guidance for guys — professional advice and prescription drugs delivered to your door.

Product Design

Design a mobile-friendly website for men who are looking to get back in the game in sex and hair products and get interviews with the actual doctor to provide the best possible medication for their problem and get their drugs delivered to their door.